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Situated within the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel P.C. is considered to be one of the foremost law firms in the region.  Our divorce attorneys are known for investing the time necessary to have a complete understanding of our client’s case, while helping them reach their desired goal.  Merel Family Law’s divorce lawyers are capable of managing all aspects of divorce including:  distribution of property, child support, separation and maintenance/alimony, custody and visitation.  Our divorce attorneys will take all the time required to help clients during this tough and demanding time.  Merel Family Law’s divorce attorneys are skilled in the practice of both divorce law and family law.  They are also known for being both receptive and sensitive to the needs of divorce clients.  Moreover, our skilled divorce attorneys at Merel Family Law have an impressive track record for settling custody and visitation issues to ensure the best final results for those concerned, especially children.  Whenever our clients living in Buffalo Grove are interested in retaining the best possible divorce lawyer in the region, they go to Merel Family Law.  

Buffalo Grove, Illinois is in Cook and Lake Counties and it has nearly 42,000 citizens residing there.  Merel Family Law is located conveniently about 33 miles southeast of Buffalo Grove.  Our divorce attorneys have the experience and talent to help Buffalo Grove clients navigate through all the complexities of divorce law.  Regardless of the problems Buffalo Grove clients encounter in their divorce case, our divorce lawyers will be able to help.  No matter what obstacles Buffalo Grove clients encounter, they can always rely upon Merel Family Law to help them through it.  We have the practical knowledge and experience to help our Buffalo Grove clients with all of their child custody problems.  Merel Family Law works with Buffalo Grove clients to assess their needs and help them with all they face in their settlement.   Furthermore, our divorce attorneys are fully dedicated to and focused on obtaining the most beneficial outcomes for our Buffalo Grove clients.

The accomplished lawyers at Merel Family Law include Jonathan Merel, who founded The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. in early 2009.  Attorney Merel has extensive success in reaching favorable outcomes for his clients in multi-million dollar marital settlements and contested child custody suits.  His ability has received the admiration from many other attorneys and judges throughout the Chicagoland legal community.  Attorney Merel is joined by Melissa Caballero.  Lawyer Caballero is not only a divorce attorney, but she is also a certified mediator.  Together, Merel and Caballero have been named as Super Lawyers Rising Stars for both 2012 and 2013.  This honor is awarded to outstanding attorneys who have been the recipients of peer acceptance and recognized for their professional achievements.  Further, Stefani Silberstein joined both Merel and Caballero at Merel Family Law in September 2013.  Silberstein’s area of practice is also family law and she has been involved in family law since law school.  If you would like to know more about a Dissolution of Marriage, the only name you need to know is Merel Family Law.  For more information about or divorce law services, call (312) 408-7000.

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