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Widely recognized as one of the foremost law firms serving clients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel P.C. is well known for specializing in family law and divorce law cases.  Our divorce attorneys are renowned for handling all facets of divorce including:  custody and visitation, child support, separation, maintenance/alimony and distribution of property.  Our clients know that our divorce lawyers will offer them the counseling they need while they are going through this challenging time.  This is why so many clients in the region continue to prefer the divorce attorneys at Merel Family Law.  Not only are our divorce lawyers experts on family law and divorce law, but they are both receptive and sympathetic to divorce clients’ needs.  Our divorce attorneys are also proficient at helping clients achieve the best results.  Further, Merel Family Law has talent for negotiating and litigating custody matters to guarantee that all parties are well-served in the proceedings, particularly the children. Every time Highwood residents are looking for the best divorce lawyers in the region, they come to Merel Family Law.

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Highwood, Illinois has about 5,354 residents and is in Lake County.  Downtown Chicago, the home of Merel Family Law,is located 28 miles south of Highwood.  Our divorce attorneys have the expertise to handle our Highwood clients’ divorce cases no matter how difficult and complex they are.  Regardless of the challenges we face in our Highwood clients’ dissolution of marriage cases, we will manage them with ease.  Our divorce lawyers have effectively defended and prosecuted many Highwood cases where custody and maintenance issues were major concerns.  When Highwood clients are facing a difficult divorce, they are going to want the highly-skilled divorce attorneys at Merel Family Law.  We have the knowledge and experience to support our Highwood clients throughout the process.  Merel Family Law’s divorce lawyers are fully committed to obtaining the most beneficial outcomes for each and every one of their Highwood clients.

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In 2009, Jonathan Merel established The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C.  Attorney Merel has had notable success reaching beneficial outcomes for clients in million dollar divorce cases and contested custody suits.  His skills have brought him the well-earned respect of fellow attorneys and judges all throughout the Chicagoland legal community.  Attorney Merel is joined by Melissa Caballero in his law practice.  Ms. Caballero is a divorce lawyer as well as a certified mediator.  In 2012 and 2013, both Merel and Caballero were distinguished with the Super Lawyers Rising Stars award.  Rounding out the firm is Stefani Silberstein, who joined Merel and Caballero in September 2013.  Attorney Silberstein’s area of expertise is also family and divorce law.  If you have been considering a divorce, you need to contact Merel Family Law.  To learn more about our divorce law services, call us today at: (312) 408-7000 for your FREE consultation.   

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