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The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel P.C. is widely regarded as one of the premier family law firms.  Our outstanding team of divorce lawyers always ensure that they have in place the necessary legal strategies to support their clients’ desired goals.  Merel Family Law’s divorce attorneys are well-equipped to handle all aspects relating to divorce, as well as:  separation and maintenance, custody and visitation, alimony, distribution of property and/or child support.  Our divorce lawyers provide clients with all the time required in order to help them through this stressful time in their lives.  Not only do our divorce attorneys specialize in family and divorce law, but they are known for their sensitivity and receptiveness to all the needs of their divorce clients.  Furthermore, our highly skilled divorce lawyers excel in making sure their clients attain the favorable results to which they are entitled.  We have a remarkable reputation for ensuring that custody and visitation are in the best interests of all involved, particularly the children of the parties.  Whenever Palatine residents are seeking the best divorce attorneys in the region, they select Merel Family Law.

Palatine Divorce Law

Palatine, Illinois is in Cook County and has a population of more than 69,000 citizens.  Merel Family Law is located approximately 30 miles southeast of Palatine.  Our divorce lawyers possess the requisite talent and expertise to relate to their Palatine clients’ complex divorce situations.  Moreover, whenever Palatine clients are confronted by financial difficulties, our divorce attorneys will help them sort it out.  We have the background and experience in divorce law to deal with all aspects of maintenance and support.  Also, Merel Family Law knows precisely how to assist Palatine clients with their child custody and support issues.  We work together with our Palatine clients to inspect all facets of their cases in order to arrive at the most agreeable results for everyone concerned.  Regardless of the circumstances, the divorce lawyers at Merel Family Law endeavor to tie-down the most beneficial results for all of our Palatine clients. 

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Jonathan Merel opened The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. in 2009.  Lawyer Merel has had significant success in procuring lucrative results for his clients in multi-million-dollar marital settlements and contested custody suits.  His achievements have earned him considerable respect from members of the legal profession throughout the Chicagoland region.  Attorney Merel is joined by Melissa Caballero and, most recently, by Stefani Silberstein in his law practice.  Both Merel and Caballero were named Super Lawyers Rising Stars for 2012 and 2013.  All three attorneys work in the areas of family and divorce law.  If you have been contemplating a Dissolution of Marriage, you should get in touch with a one of the divorce attorneys at Merel Family Law.  For additional information or questions relating to a Dissolution of Marriage, call us at: (312) 408-7000.

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