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The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel P.C. is widely recognized as one of the top law firms serving clients in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.  Our divorce attorneys are known for always taking the time to understand our clients’ issues, while at the same time, creating legal strategies focused on supporting them. Merel Family Law’s divorce lawyers are ready to handle all areas of your divorce, including:  custody, visitation, distribution of property, separation, maintenance/alimony and child support.  Our divorce attorneys will counsel you during this demanding and stressful time in your life.  In fact, the divorce attorneys at Merel Family Law are highly-skilled on divorce law and family law.  They are sensitive to your specific needs, and our divorce attorneys will do all they can to accomplish your most desired results.  Merel Family Law has an impressive track record for litigating and settling custody and visitation issues associated with divorce cases in order to assure the final result will benefit all those concerned, especially the children.  Anytime Riverwoods clients are looking for the best possible divorce lawyers in the region, they check out Merel Family Law.

Riverwoods, Illinois is a village in Lake County with a population of close to 3,700 people.  Riverwoods is just 29 miles northwest of Downtown Chicago, home of Merel Family Law.  Our divorce attorneys have the necessary qualities and abilities to skillfully navigate their Riverwoods clients through the challenging dissolution process. In the event difficult financial concerns appear with your Riverwoods divorce case, our divorce lawyers will best know how to deal with it.  When litigation is necessary and settlement centers on the resolution of a maintenance issue, our Riverwoods clients will most certainly want one of the highly-experienced divorce attorneys at Merel Family Law.  We have the know-how to aid our Riverwoods clients with all of their child support problems.  Merel Family Law works together with our Riverwoods clients to review all aspects of your case.  Moreover, our divorce lawyers are committed to achieving the most positive benefits for our Riverwoods clients.

Whenever you visit the offices of Merel Family Law, you will be welcomed by a friendly and caring staff of professionals, in addition to one of our extraordinary divorce attorneys.  Jonathan Merel is a first-rate attorney and litigator who launched The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. in 2009.  Attorney Merel has enjoyed well-deserved success by achieving beneficial results for his clients in million dollar divorce cases and contested custody suits.  His talents have earned him substantial respect from other attorneys and judges inside the Chicagoland legal community.  Attorney Merel also works with two other divorce attorneys – Melissa Caballero, who is also a certified mediator besides being an attorney; and Stefani Silberstein, who joined them in September 2013.  In 2012 and 2013, both Jonathan Merel and Melissa Caballero were selected for the Super Lawyers Rising Stars awards.  This distinguished honor is delivered to outstanding attorneys who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.  Consequently, if you are contemplating filing for a Dissolution of Marriage, and you are living in the Chicago area, the only name you need to know is Merel Family Law.  For additional details about our divorce services and to schedule a complimentary appointment, call us at: (312) 408-7000.

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