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Acknowledgement of Paternity in Illinois

acknowledgement of paternity

Finding out you are expecting a baby can bring out a flood of emotions. The initial news can be both joyful and scary. Many couples plan on having children while many others find out unexpectedly. If you are no longer in a relationship, having relationship issues, or have no intentions of staying with your partner, the news of expecting a child may not be pleasant. Furthermore, if you are uncertain if you are the child’s father, the news can be frightening and downright shocking.

Although statistics tend to vary slightly, roughly half of all children born in the USA are born to unmarried parents. Though single parenthood is both common and accepted, that still does not alleviate the sadness and angst many parents experience when faced with the possibility that they may be primarily raising a child alone or with limited support (emotionally and financially) from the other parent. read more

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