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How to File for Divorce in Illinois


The decision to file for divorce is often one of the most difficult decisions in one’s life. Filing for divorce can be time consuming, costly, and complex. For these reasons as well as others, it is crucial that anyone considering ending their marriage be sure a divorce is what they truly want.

Once you are 100% certain you are ready to file for divorce, you will need to evaluate whether you want to hire counsel or attempt to navigate the process on your own.  Generally, there are several main steps that will need to taken in order to dissolve a marriage. read more

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Divorce in a Nutshell

While every divorce is different based on the parties, in general divorce law can be boiled down to 5 main areas:

Child custody

Visitation or Parenting Time

Child Support

Maintenance or Alimony

Property Division

Child Custody

What many people tend to misunderstanding about child custody is that it actually is NOT the time spent with your children.  Rather custody involves having the decision making authority to be able to decide the so-called “big decisions” that involve the upbringing of your children.  The three decision-making areas that the law focuses on are religion, medical care, and education.  Parents must be able to agree on these three areas in order to be eligible for joint custody.  Elsewise sole custody is generally sought and a custody battle ensues. read more

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5 reasons a prenuptial agreement might be ruled invalid

prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement is designed to safeguard spouses (or oftentimes one spouse) in the unexpected event of a divorce. Preunps are primarily implemented to protect business interests, financial assets, and often to establish the terms and conditions for spousal support in the event of a divorce.   A key element in creating a valid and legally-binding prenuptial agreement is to ensure that the agreement was reached with full disclosure of the respective financial circumstances of the parties involved.  Courts will often nullify a prenuptial agreement that was reached without a complete exchange of financial information by both parties. read more

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HELP! I was served divorce papers, now what?

divorce papers

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Who Pays Spousal Maintenance or Alimony?

spousal maintenance

Alimony, also known as maintenance, refers to one spouse paying a monthly stipend to his or her spouse during or after a divorce or legal separation. Only married couples are eligible for spousal support. This does not apply to parentage cases for child custody; in those scenarios, support is given to the child and that is referred to as child support. In divorce cases that also involve children, there will also likely be a provision for child support, which is separate from alimony. read more

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