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Crafting a Child Visitation Schedule in Illinois

child visitation schedule


Most parents envision having an active relationship with their children – full of good times, laughs and fond memories. Rarely do people plan on being single parents or imagine going through the process of splitting time with their children with their former spouse. Many individuals whose marriage ends in a divorce or have a child out of wedlock never expected it. Whether you are in the process of a divorce or a parentage case for child custody in Illinois, a very important task may be establishing a child visitation schedule. read more

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Divorce: Who gets the Child Tax Exemption and Deduction?

child tax credit

In any divorce proceeding, the issue of which party will have the right to claim the child or children for tax purposes must be determined either by agreement or by a judge. As any parent knows, receiving a child tax exemption can often be an opportunity to save a substantial amount of money come tax time. The Internal Revenue Code 152(e) clearly states that the custodial parent is entitled to the dependency exemption for their child. However, with many modern child visitation schedules providing increased parenting time for the non-residential parent, it is not always clear who should have the right to the tax benefits associated with the child. read more

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