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The division of property is often a highly-contested issue between divorcing spouses, no matter the extent of their assets. In Illinois, a couple’s property is deemed by a court to be either “marital property” or “non-marital property.”

During a divorce proceeding, the marital property and marital debt must be divided as crucial components of the dissolution action. The court is required to order a fair and equitable distribution of property acquired during the marriage in accordance with the criteria set forth in Section 503 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. are experienced in representing clients in divorce proceedings involving significant assets, including, but not limited to, investment portfolios, real estate holdings, retirement accounts, trusts, partnerships, corporations, and family-owned businesses. We are skilled at categorizing and valuing these assets to achieve the most financially beneficial result for our clients.