Attorney Aurelija Fitzpatrick Makes Partner

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At the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C., we’d like to extend a warm congratulations to Attorney Aurelija Fitzpatrick, who recently became a partner at our firm.

Aurelija joined our firm in August of 2017 and we are proud to recognize her dedication to our team, as well as her hard work on behalf of our clients.

About Aurelija and Her Unique Approach

Ms. Fitzpatrick considers herself a problem solver and offers our clients a collaborative legal approach. First, she listens carefully. Then, she evaluates multiple courses of action and lays out clear expectations. Finally, Aurelija uses every tool in her kit to pursue a successful outcome.

Nothing matters more to Ms. Fitzpatrick than seeing her clients comfortable and flourishing after litigation ends. When she’s not taking care of clients at our firm, she is serving as a pro bono child representative, volunteering with the local library and humane society, or publishing valuable articles and presentations for the public.

As her elite education and experience show, Aurelija is passionate about family law. Any attorney with her ardor, skill, and commitment deserves to be a partner at whichever law firm they choose to work with.

Luckily, Ms. Fitzpatrick has selected the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C.

Choose Aurelija or Any of Our Attorneys for Your Legal Needs

In addition to creating a name and reputation for herself, and opening the company to bigger and better things, Aurelija serves as a shining example of the attorneys at our firm.

Each one of us is knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind. Since we got started in 2009, we have been providing legal support to Chicagoland families during the most confusing, emotional times in their lives.

We are proud of our accolades within the legal world and the Chicago community at large, but most of all, we are proud to always be in your corner.

For the personal attention you deserve, call us at (312) 487-2795 and enjoy a phone consultation, or schedule an appointment online.

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