Repairing Trust Between You and Your Former Spouse

After a divorce, raising children with your former spouse can feel like an insurmountable task. Your trust in one another may be broken and you may not believe it is possible to repair it. However, rebuilding trust can greatly benefit your children since it will improve your relationship as co-parents. We put together a list of tips that will help set you and your former spouse on the right path toward trusting each other as parents again.

How to Rebuild Trust with an Ex

Regardless of the problems you had during your marriage, your children deserve to have a relationship with both of their parents. It is important for you and your former spouse to support one another, but it will be difficult to accomplish without reestablishing trust.

Here are some tips that will help you rebuild trust with your ex:

  • Do not break your promises: Keeping promises is essential to rebuilding trust with your co-parent. Unless there is an emergency, do your best to always keep your word, and honestly communicate with your ex if you must reschedule or cancel plans with your children. You do not want your children to think that you simply do not have time for them.
  • Do not behave unpredictably: If your former spouse never knows what to expect from you, it will be impossible to trust you. Through consistent and respectful interactions, you can repair your co-parenting relationship with your ex.
  • Listen to each other: No one agrees all the time and no matter how much you improve your co-parenting relationship, you will still encounter plenty of bumps on the road. However, if you make an effort to listen to and understand each other, you can work toward a resolution.
  • Be willing to apologize: If you make a mistake or believe you are in the wrong, you should be willing to apologize to your former spouse. A genuine apology can immensely improve your relationship as co-parents.

Divorce can take a toll on a family, but if you and your ex are open to working together to repair trust, you may successfully overcome some difficult parenting obstacles.

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