How to Get Prepared for a New Year’s Divorce

A piece of paper reading "Marriage" that has been torn in half, and each piece has a gold wedding band on them. Underneath them is another document reading "Final Decree of Divorce."

Start the New Year Off As Prepared As Possible

Divorces tend to pick up in January, as many people put off their divorce until after the holiday season in order to avoid family conflict or to allow their children to enjoy the holidays without worrying about their parents. Once the season ends, however, it’s important to be ready to file for divorce and have as many plans in place as possible heading into this new chapter.

Making plans now to prepare for this next step of your life is important, and to help, here are some ways you can begin planning for your New Year’s divorce.

Gather Documents

Divorce can require a lot of documentation to prove ownership of assets or to fulfill legal requirements. You can get a head start on this process by gradually gathering these documents before filing for divorce. Not only can this save you time down the road, but there won’t be a need to frantically search for important paperwork if the court requests it.

Plan Your Finances

Many aspects of your life will change both during and after a divorce, but perhaps no area may feel these changes more than your finances. While you prepare to file for divorce, you can begin this important step by projecting the changes to your income as well as what you expect your expenses to be once your divorce is finalized. Doing so can enable you to plan any changes necessary depending on what you determine.

Take Inventory of Your Assets and Debts

One of the more time-consuming steps in divorce is taking the time to complete an accurate inventory of all your assets, whether they can be classified as marital property or separate property. Taking the time necessary to be thorough in this particular part of the process ensures both that you receive a truly equitable split of the marital estate and allows you and your divorce attorney to crosscheck your spouse’s submitted inventory of assets for any differences.

Consult With Your Attorney

The first step of divorce is to consult with an attorney who understands the divorce process and can provide guidance on how best to proceed with your preparations. At Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C., we understand that divorce can be difficult and a multifaceted process. Our team is committed to helping you at each step of the journey to begin your new year with a fresh start.

To learn more about preparing for divorce or to get started, call us at (312) 487-2795 or visit us online.

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