Controlling Your Emotions During Divorce Court

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Four Reminders for Your Divorce Hearing

Divorce affects everyone differently. From the spouses to any children involved, there is never a clear way to predict how someone will react to the news. However, since this is a time in your life where much change can be expected, it’s important for you to understand that everything you are feeling is completely normal and valid.

If you and your spouse can’t come to a compromise during mediation, divorce court may be the next step in the process. During this period, you may feel overwhelmed or frustrated — that’s okay — but allowing your emotions to get the best of you may only hurt you further down the line. That’s why our team has come up with four reminders for you as you head into divorce court.

1. Take the Time to Breathe

If at any point in the process you feel like it’s too much to handle, let your attorney know, and they will give you the time you need to take a step back and deal with what you’re feeling. One of the worst things you can do for yourself is to not allow the appropriate time to heal, and that starts with having those little breather moments.

2. Think About the Future

Even though your divorce may hurt now, it won’t always be that way. One of the easiest ways to keep control of your emotions in the courtroom is to think about what your life will look like two, five, and ten years down the line. Will you have finally gotten that promotion? Will your children have graduated? Will you have taken up that hobby you’ve always been passionate about?

This may seem silly, but these positive affirmations for your future can plant seeds of hope throughout the duration of the process.

3. Lean on the People in Your Life

Now is the perfect time to lean on your support system! Friends and family can provide you with comfort and joy even on the worst days of the proceedings, so don’t feel like you have to keep it all bottled up. One of the worst things you can do for yourself is to sit with bad, unresolved feelings, so commit to utilizing the support that’s available to you.

4. Your Attorney is Here to Help

Every family law attorney got their start because they wanted to help people through the toughest times in their life. Even when it feels like no one is on your side, remember that you will always have someone standing next to you, and they will be a fervent advocate for you and your needs throughout the entire process.

If you are in the early stages of your divorce and still looking for an attorney, contact Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. today. Our team is dedicated to providing an individualized, compassionate approach to each case and will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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