5 Most Popular Co-Parenting Apps

Co-parenting can often lead to conflict and miscommunication, especially if you and your ex-spouse do not get along well. In addition, staying organized with parenting schedules and tasks (e.g., child pickups and drop-offs, doctor’s appointments, child support payments, etc.) can be quite challenging. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of co-parenting apps you can download on your phone, tablet, or any other smart device. These apps provide divorced parents with scheduling tools and features that keep all child-related information in one accessible place. 

The following are five of the most popular co-parenting apps available: 

  • OurFamilyWizard - The main features of this app include a shared calendar with automatic documentation logs, an expense log to track child-related expenses and reimbursements, a message board to communicate with the other parent, an “information bank” where you can input the child-related information (e.g., medical history, medications, immunizations, school schedules, emergency contacts, etc.) and a journal to detail events related to child care. You can add as many third parties as you want to have access to at no extra cost. The service costs $99 annually per parent. 

  • 2Houses - This app has similar features to OurFamilyWizard, such as an interactive calendar that both parents can access, a finance tracker to monitor shared expenses, an information bank, and a journal. The main difference is the price. A one-year subscription per family (rather than per parent) costs $10 a month. 

  • Coparenter - This app provides more than scheduling features and non-editable messaging capabilities. Coparenter also offers an “on-demand professional” for mediation and dispute resolution, improvements to schedule organization, and drafting agreements. This app costs $199.99 annually for you and the other parent. 

  • Cozi - Although this app was not specifically made for co-parenting, it is considered one of the best free co-parenting apps available. Cozi enables users to create and share to-do, chores, recipes, and shopping lists. When it comes to the visitation schedule, this app works well with other calendar programs, such as Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook. 

  • Google Calendar and Google Sheets - If you are quite savvy with Google’s tools and a master at spreadsheets, then you could use Google Suite to keep your parenting plans and tasks on track. The best thing is that Google apps are free. 

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