How Can My Spouse and I Agree Outside of Court?

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Working Together on a Settlement

It is becoming more commonplace to see a divorce end via a negotiated settlement agreement, and yet sometimes even achieving a settlement can be difficult. There are ways that you and your spouse can come together to work through the various terms. Read on to learn tips on how to better work with your spouse to reach a settlement for your divorce.

Be Willing to Negotiate

First and perhaps most importantly, you must be willing to negotiate with your spouse before you can come to any type of agreement. Not being open to communicating your desires and determining where you and your spouse can agree means that it will be more difficult to avoid court and come to terms on an agreement. As difficult as your divorce may be and in spite of any negative feelings you may have toward your spouse, be willing to come to the negotiation table to discuss issues with your spouse.

Be Honest with Communication

In addition to having a willingness to negotiate, you should also be open and honest with your spouse and your attorney about what you hope to achieve through your settlement. If there are certain terms for child custody, property division, or child support that you wish to discuss, be willing to have those conversations no matter how difficult. Remember too that you can lean on your divorce attorney to handle most if not all of the negotiation; they just need to know what your goals are so they can better fight for your needs.

Try Alternative Methods

If negotiation does not seem to be the best method, remember that it is not the only method for resolving disputes. Other solutions such as arbitration and mediation exist to help people work through difficult issues without resorting to lengthy court battles. Consider researching these alternatives to dispute resolution, and ask questions of your attorney if you are unsure of how to proceed.

Speak With Your Attorney for Your Divorce

Remember that your divorce attorney is an excellent resource of information on how to proceed in a divorce. They can guide you on what the best path is and how you should move forward in resolving your issues with your spouse and achieving a settlement agreement. At Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C., our team of attorneys is experienced in helping couples negotiate settlement agreements and resolving their issues; we can help you keep your divorce on track and get you on the right path moving forward.

Learn more about divorce in Illinois or speak with one of our attorneys by calling our office at (312) 487-2795 today. You can also visit our website to learn more information or to reach out to us.

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