Debunking 4 Common Divorce Myths

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There are many myths about divorce, and these myths have become common thinking among those who are considering ending their marriage. Believing these myths often makes them apprehensive about the process. Here are four of the most commonly believed myths about divorce and the actual truth of each.

Myth 1: Every Divorce Is Filled with Fighting

Too many television shows portray divorce as a contentious process filled with disagreements and long court battles when the reality is more and more people end their divorce through a negotiated settlement agreement. While every couple’s situation is unique, it’s becoming more common to see a couple come together and negotiate on various issues such as property division and child custody.

Myth 2: A Child’s Mother Always Gets Custody

It has become a common assumption that mothers always receive parental responsibility (Illinois’ term for child custody) when the law says otherwise. Illinois law states that if parents cannot come to terms on a custody agreement, then a judge will make a determination for them based on what is in the best interest of the child.

While various factors come together to help a judge determine how to meet a child’s needs, nothing in the law states that only mothers receive custody. This provision gives both parents equal opportunity to receive custody of the child if they can show that being in their care serves their child’s best interests.

Myth 3: Getting a Divorce Means You Failed

This is not true. While it may feel as if you failed in your relationship, keep in mind that failure is subjective. What we may perceive as failure can sometimes point us toward something better than we could have expected; divorce presents the opportunity for new beginnings. Sometimes marriages simply do not work out the way people may have hoped when they got married, and that is okay!.

Instead, view divorce as a fresh start. Many people actually go on from divorce to live better than they did before. Perhaps they are happier or are now able to do something they wouldn’t have before, or perhaps their children are happier. Regardless, divorce can be a new beginning, and it does not mean you failed.

Myth 4: You Can Do Divorce Alone

Many people attempt to save money by going through their divorce on their own when making such a move could end up costing them more money and time in the long run. Rather, it is wiser to work with an attorney who understands divorce and can guide you throughout the process. At Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C., our team can help you understand the truth about divorce and help you move forward throughout each step of the process.

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