Changing the Status Quo in Family Law

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Innovative Leadership: Why We’re Changing the Status Quo in Family Law

Family law is often seen as boring, bland, and needlessly complicated by the clients who end up with a family law case for one reason or another. At the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel in Chicago, Illinois, we are on a mission to change that assumption and the status quo of family law overall. We want anyone who comes to our firm for help to know that family law can be stress-free and that family law attorneys can be supportive and attentive.

The Beginning of Something New

More than a decade ago, Attorney Jonathan Merel recognized that he was working in a big law firm that didn’t innovate, personalize, or really strategize. Looking around at other firms and the careers of his colleagues, he saw that his experience wasn't unique. The real problem was that this was how most law firms conducted their business without any intention of making things better.

In 2009, he took a chance on himself and founded the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel. While in direct control of his own law firm, he was able to make big decisions to do things differently and never look back.

The firm was founded on a few key premises that others often missed, such as:

  • Teamwork: A client who comes to the Law Office of Jonathan Merel is paired not with just one attorney or paralegal. Instead, they get the support of an entire team of legal professionals.

  • Clear communication: Thanks to the teamwork approach to client counsel, a clear line of communication is established between the client and everyone who is supporting them. It is always easy to connect with the team member who can help them with the next step.

  • Pain-free representation: Perhaps most importantly of all, Attorney Merel wanted to give clients a place to find pain-free representation. Family law and divorce matters might be trouble but finding legal representation shouldn’t be.

Overall, the law firm is known as where clients can go for real help with some of the most emotional and uncomfortable decisions that they might ever face in life. The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. is Your Family in Family Law, plain and simple.

When Newer is Better

Taking a try at something new is always risky. When it works, though, it is highly rewarding. We are excited to say that our gamble has massively paid off.

Although the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel is still a comparatively new face to the premier family law firms that share our zip code in downtown Chicago, we have already made a name for ourselves. We are highly awarded by professional associations. Arguably more importantly, though, we are recognized and respected by clients and local law firms alike. Both know that they can trust us to take any family law case, remove the stress from it, and find a clear, beneficial outcome for our client.

Clients and colleagues now know our team to be:

  • Approachable

  • Knowledgeable

  • Professional

  • Friendly

  • Confident

  • Reliable

Greatness is an Outlier, So Do Something Different

Breaking the mold and doing something new worked out spectacularly for Attorney Merel and his team. We now invite you to do the same. After all, if you want to do something great, you can’t do something normal or average.

If you need a Chicago family law attorney, either as a client or a law firm with a case to refer, then you should come to the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. first. With skilled negotiators and litigators on staff, we can handle virtually any family law case that comes our way, regardless of how it needs to progress and conclude. Our outside-the-box thinking that shook up the family law status quo has taken us far, so we’re sure it will work wonders for your case, too.

You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Avvo, Yelp, and others to learn more about what sets our law firm apart. You can also find us at our conveniently located law offices in Chicago, Skokie, and Highland Park. If you already know that you want our creative legal counsel for your family law or divorce case in Illinois, start by clicking here or dialing (312) 487-2795. Thank you!
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