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Orders of Protection: Know the types


Cook County Circuit Court classifies an order of protection in three various capacities based upon the imminent threat the petitioner is experiencing at the time of filing. Because of the fact domestic violence encumbers a broad range of offensives, it is impossible to unilaterally categorize everything on the same scale. When judges review a petition requesting an order of protection, many factors are involved in determining whether or not an order shall be granted, and if one is indeed granted, what type shall the petitioner receive. read more

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Sole Custody vs. Joint Custody

joint custody

Sole custody in Illinois is generally defined as one parent being the primary decision maker for the minor child or children on the areas of: medical, education and religion. If you have sole custody, you most likely have the authority to make important decisions pertaining to your child’s life without having to consult with or obtain permission from the other parent. Joint custody in Illinois, on the other hand, provides both parents with decision making authority. As such, joint custody requires communication, collaboration, and compromise. read more

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Orders of Protection under Illinois Law

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        Domestic violence, or what is now more appropriately referred to as “intimate partner violence,” is a crime taken seriously under Illinois law. Illinois Law gives victims of domestic violence an avenue of safety through “orders of protection.”  Orders of protection, which are often referred to as restraining orders, are orders signed by a judge that either order someone to stop certain behavior or to stay away from someone else.

         To obtain an order of protection, a person must first ask the court for one by filing a petition. In the petition, the person being abused is required to explain to a judge why an order of protection against their “family or household member” is necessary. This explanation is provided by way of an “affidavit,” wherein the victim of such abuse gives a detailed description of the events that took place. The Illinois Domestic Violence statute relates specifically to “family or household members,” which are defined under the statute as: read more

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5 Types of Domestic Violence Affecting Families

Domestic violence can occur in many different ways. A common misconception about domestic violence is that if no physical harm has occurred, it is not considered abuse. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, there are five different types of domestic violence: physical, psychological, sexual, economical and emotional abuse.  Unfortunately, any instances of abuse go unnoticed merely because they do not leave physical marks on a victim.

Physical abuse is the area of domestic violence that is most prevalent in advocacy and outreach programs because the harm is clear and obvious. Signs of physical abuse include, but are not limited to: bruises, scars, broken bones, and scratches. hysical abuse is treated seriously in domestic violence cases and victims are likely to receive an order of protection against the offender. read more

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Domestic Violence in Child Custody and Visitation Cases

Domestic violence in child custody and visitation cases 

Domestic violence is a very serious problem in our society. It impacts thousands of families nationwide. These days, it is nearly impossible to check the news without confronting a story which includes domestic violence.  We come across the issue locally and nationally, making it apparent that domestic violence is very prevalent in our society.  In child custody casesCook County Court judges will strongly consider allegations of domestic violence in making their deterinations as to custody and/or visitation. read more

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