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Appealing Erroneous or Unjust Divorce Orders

When a divorce ends and the divorce order is finalized, it is not guaranteed to end in your favor. Perhaps even more frustratingly, it might not end correctly due to legal mistakes or courtroom oversights. When there was an error with how your divorce was handled in court and that error changed its outcome, you might be able to file an appeal.

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Divorce Appeal Process Overview

The first thing that you should know about a divorce appeal is that you cannot appeal a divorce order just because you do not like it. In a contested divorce case, there is bound to be at least one ex-spouse who is not completely satisfied with the result. However, dissatisfaction is not enough to justify an appeal.

You can seek an appeal after a trial judge’s divorce ruling ends with an error, especially if it made your life more stressful after the divorce. To begin, you should work with our appellate attorneys and tell us what happened. We can examine the details of the prior case to look for an error that should make the ruling unenforceable and, therefore, in need of revision.

With the error identified and an appellate case built, we can file the appeal with the appellate court. Governed by a new set of legalities, your appellate case will need different preparations and procedures. We are here to make sure that your case can live up to those expectations and the increased scrutiny while successfully arguing that the lower court made an error that needs to be reversed or corrected.

When Can You Appeal a Divorce Order?

In Illinois, a divorce appeal will usually only be valid if the divorce case included a:

  • Mistake involving required courtroom procedures.
  • Legal error regarding evidence use.
  • Order that violated Illinois law like an incorrect property division order.
  • Miscalculated child support or alimony order.

Essentially, a divorce order can only be appealed if something incorrect or unlawful happened that should have been avoided had the court acted or ruled as it should have under the law. Furthermore, the mistake or lapse in judgement must have also been significant enough to have changed the outcome of the case in an appreciable way.

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