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As a famous athlete, media personality, actor, or another type of celebrity, you know how frustrating it can be for your private matters to be aired out in the view of the public. If you are going through a family law dispute or divorce, then you might already feel the paparazzi’s attention on you. Not to mention that your family law case outcome could dramatically impact the finances and assets that you have worked so hard to earn throughout your career.

When you want to protect your best interests, assets, and privacy during a legal case, you should come to the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. Our Chicago sports and entertainment family law attorneys know how to handle sensitive cases in a way that keeps as much information confidential as possible. Some aspects of a case that goes to court will become public records, but we can help avoid this outcome by using alternative resolution methods, negotiations, and so on.

Sports and entertainment stars – and their spouses and family members – can call (312) 487-2795 for honest and communicative family law counsel in Chicago.

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Complexities with Sports & Entertainment Family Law Cases

Your life as an entertainment professional probably already has enough complexities as it is. Do not add more to it by handing your family law or divorce case to a law firm that will not take it seriously. Depend on our legal team and know that your case will be handled respectfully and correctly, no matter how many complications might arise during it.

Sports and entertainment family law cases can get complicated due to:

  • High-value estatesDeciding the fair way to handle property division when you have significant assets can be difficult, especially if you worry that your soon-to-be ex-spouse is trying to claim more than their share of marital property.
  • Assets in multiple states: Do you own assets in several states, like two or more homes? We know how to handle divorce cases that need to include the jurisdiction and rules of multiple states.
  • Prenuptial agreementsA prenuptial agreement can help make your divorce process easier and protect your assets. For this reason, they are popular among athletes and celebrities. Let us know if you made one with your spouse, so we can review it.
  • Alimony: The spouse of greater income might be ordered to pay alimony or spousal maintenance. If you are an entertainment professional, then it is likely that you will be the one to pay alimony. We can work to ensure any amount that you must pay is reasonable and not exploitative.
  • Child custodyFamily law courts often struggle to decide child custody when celebrities or entertainment stars are divorcing, especially if the spouses are planning on living in different states or counties when the case is over. With us by your side, you can be confident that your child’s best interests are upheld.
  • Annulments: Sometimes, celebrities can feel pressured to marry one another because it will be good for PR. Or they get swept up in the moment of being with someone new and accidentally rush into a marriage. In either situation, an annulment can work if you decide to end the marriage relatively soon after it begins.

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The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. in Chicago is here to guide and represent you during a family law dispute or divorce as a celebrity, athlete, or media personality. We can handle every legal aspect of your case while keeping confidentiality in focus. You deserve privacy and a happy home life. With our representation, you can have both.

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