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Under Illinois family law, all parents have a duty to financially support their minor children. Generally, child support is paid by a non-custodial parent to the parent with whom a minor child primarily resides, as a contribution towards the costs associated with a child’s upbringing.

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Determining Child Support

Illinois laws on child support establish guidelines for determining the monthly amount to be paid from one parent, typically the party having less parenting time with the child(ren) to the other. Guideline child support takes into consideration the net incomes of both parents, the number of children of the parties, as well as the number of overnights each parent has with the children. In special circumstances, such as cases involving at least one high income-earning parent or a child with special needs, the court may deviate from the statutory guidelines or the parties may agree to set child support at an amount above or below the guideline support amounts depending upon the parties’ financial circumstances and the child’s needs. Illinois’ child support guidelines are contained in Section 505 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

Modifying Child Support

Child support obligations are generally modifiable when a court deems that there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Failure to remain current with a child support obligation can result in serious consequences for the nonpaying party, which may include a court issuing a finding of contempt and penalties which can include incarceration and the payment of the other party’s attorney’s fees. As such, if someone obligated to pay child support can no longer comply with their obligation, they must take steps to modify the order in place promptly. Conversely, if a custodial parent is not receiving the child support as ordered by a court, they should pursue enforcement of the order.

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At the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C., our lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist with child support issues affecting our clients. We routinely work with clients to determine the proper child support amount, assess a party’s ability to pay support, modify an existing child support obligation by increasing or reducing the support amount, and present evidence to a court in support of a deviation from the statutory child support guidelines. We have also successfully represented countless clients in both the pursuit of and defense against claims for unpaid child support.

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