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In any divorce, losing marital property that is important to you will be painful. If that property had a particularly high value, though, then it could change the course of your life to lose it.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. in Highland Park can help you with a high net worth divorce. We have extensive experience working on high-value divorce cases for clients in tough situations. The goal from the start will be to uphold your best interests while also working carefully to dissolve your marriage peacefully.

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Property That Adds to a Divorce’s Value

All the marital property in a divorce will add to its value. In a high net worth divorce, there is at least one type of property with significant worth. When considered together, valuable assets and property can make the divorce riskier for you, especially if you are not represented by an experienced family lawyer.

Risk factors in a high net worth divorce can include:

  • Marital property: In a divorce, including a high net worth divorce, the marital property belonging to both spouses will be divided by using the Illinois law regarding equitable distribution. When an asset is highly valuable, your spouse might put up a bigger-than-normal fight to argue that it is separate property that only belongs to them.
  • Business ownership: Business owners can have a challenging time protecting their business during a divorce. Losing sole ownership of your business might disrupt your finances and future plans. We can also discuss how to protect your business from tax consequences if it is split.
  • Spousal supportOne of the most highly-priced “assets” in a divorce can be spousal support. If you are the spouse of higher income, then you could be ordered to pay spousal support each month, which will noticeably affect your financial situation.
  • Executive compensation: Executives who earn special forms of compensation like stock options should be aware that such valuable assets could be jeopardized in divorce. You should involve our divorce professionals in your case if you need to protect your executive compensation.

Unique Factors in a High Net Worth Divorce

Not all factors of a high net worth divorce will be immediately obvious. As the divorce progresses, you might be surprised to find that there are other assets and considerations that affect how the case pans out and what your future will look like when it is done. To steer clear of surprises and issues, work with our Highland Park high net worth divorce lawyers as soon as possible. We can examine your estate, property, and special assets, so we can protect your separate property and plan a property division plan correctly.

Unique considerations that can come up in a high net worth divorce are:

  • Retirement assets
  • Real estate holdings
  • Trusts
  • Foreign assets

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Every part of your divorce is important, especially when the total value of your assets is high. Do all you can to protect your property and your future by working with the Highland Park high net divorce attorneys of the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. We are here to make sure that you are ready for whatever the road ahead brings you. If your case has to go to court to conclude, then we will be ready for that, too.

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