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Protect Valuable Assets in Divorce

When you are going through a divorce, there will be many different aspects for you to manage and track, especially if your household has a high net worth. Losing important assets to your ex-spouse can be heartbreaking and financially devastating. How can you protect your property, assets, and business?

If you live in Skokie, the simplest way to start protecting your assets and making the most of your divorce is to come to the Law Offices of Jonathan Merel, P.C. Our legal team can help with your high net worth divorce, so you do not need to worry about stumbling into legal pitfalls along the way. Hand your case to us, and we will work on it as if we were representing a close friend of the firm.

I would highly recommend Jonathan for legal representation.

Important Factors in a High Net Worth Divorce

A divorce is usually considered to have a “high net worth” if there are assets that cannot be replaced. Every divorce has financial risks, of course, but those risks are exaggerated in a high net worth divorce.

Financial risk factors in a high net worth divorce can include:

  • Businesses: If you own a business, big or small, then your ownership could be impacted by your divorce. We can work diligently to make sure that your business stays under your control and that the tax consequences of your divorce do not badly hurt it.
  • Retirement assets: Large financial accounts like retirement accounts or pensions are highly important to protect during a high net worth divorce. Losing such an account could mean that your retirement will be postponed.
  • Savings accounts: People with significant savings accounts need to be aware that they could be divided in a divorce if it is not clear that ownership of that account was always separate. If you are worried about losing much of your savings to your ex-spouse, then please let our attorneys know right away.
  • Real estate property: Ownership of real estate like the family home or commercial property can become convoluted in a high net worth divorce. We can find a fair and creative way to decide ownership of your marital real estate.
  • Executive compensation: Do you get valuable stock options as part of an executive compensation package? Inform us about your executive compensation options, and we can help find a way to ensure that it remains in your possession.
  • Foreign assets: Property owned or held in a foreign country can significantly contribute to the value of your marital property. If there are specifically important pieces of foreign assets that you value the most, let us know.

Arrange Legal Counsel Today

Waiting too long to get legal counsel during a high net worth divorce could be a problem. If your spouse has hired experienced counsel, then you might feel like you are at a disadvantage or that you don’t have control of where your valuable property will go. To settle your nerves and find a good path forward, rely on our Skokie high net worth divorce lawyers from start to finish. While we prefer to look for solutions that can be settled peaceably, we will be ready to represent you in court if needed.

Contact us today to get a consultation about your high net worth divorce.

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