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Post-Decree Litigation

Post decree

Types of Post-Decree Litigation

Think you’re done with your ex once your divorce is finalized?

While that is surely the goal, not everyone is so lucky.  Many former spouses find themselves back in court years after the entry of their divorce judgments seeking to either a modify or enforce their divorce decrees.

Post-decree includes all litigation that occurs after a decree of divorce, dissolution of marriage, legal separation, or judgment of paternity is entered. Post-decree lawyers will often receive inquiries from former or new clients requesting one or more of the following: read more

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Critique of Illinois’ New Spousal Support Guidelines

illinois spousal support

New spousal support guidelines are coming to Illinois January 1, 2015.  This blog post overviews the potential pros and cons of this new legislation.

To see how the new spousal support formula will work:  Click here


The current law essentially awards spousal support, or maintenance as its also referred to, at the judge’s discretion after consideration of numerous factors. This has led maintenance awards to vary widely from case to case and the inconsistency made it difficult for family law attorneys to give clients a concrete answer to the question: “how much spousal support will I pay or receive and for how long?” Therefore, rather than settling their cases, many parties instead would choose to “gamble” and go to trial hoping to receive a better maintenance determination from the judge than they could negotiate out of court. read more

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Divorce in a Nutshell

While every divorce is different based on the parties, in general divorce law can be boiled down to 5 main areas:

Child custody

Visitation or Parenting Time

Child Support

Maintenance or Alimony

Property Division

Child Custody

What many people tend to misunderstanding about child custody is that it actually is NOT the time spent with your children.  Rather custody involves having the decision making authority to be able to decide the so-called “big decisions” that involve the upbringing of your children.  The three decision-making areas that the law focuses on are religion, medical care, and education.  Parents must be able to agree on these three areas in order to be eligible for joint custody.  Elsewise sole custody is generally sought and a custody battle ensues. read more

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